Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance
  • Automobile insurance companies are becoming more aggressive
  • Increased competition has spurred an increased online presence
  • Customers are able to save money by comparing free auto insurance quotes online
  • Don’t allow the price to be your only consideration with car insurance

Free Online Auto Insurance Quotes

Automobile insurance is just another one of life’s necessities to anyone that owns a car. In order to operate your vehicle on the road in any state, you must carry at the very least the minimum amount of automobile insurance mandated by your state. The minimum amount of coverage varies with the type of vehicle that you own and whether or not it is financed. Shopping for car insurance used to be an experience that was basically cut-and-dry.

People usually just got their car insurance at the same company as they purchased their homeowner’s insurance and perhaps other insurance necessities. However, in recent years, this method of “hands-off” shopping for automobile insurance has declined. Automobile insurance companies have become much more aggressive in their marketing campaigns and many are cutting new ground in offering perks to drivers such as lower rates and accident forgiveness.

Shopping for automobile insurance online has turned the industry around and has forced many insurance companies to cater to their customers much more in fear to losing them to other automobile insurance carriers. Television commercials touting the ease of use of searching for car insurance quotes online have made the competition even stiffer and the companies more aggressive to bring in new customers. Drivers have been the ones to benefit. Even though many drivers have found themselves stuck with slightly higher premiums in lieu of insurance companies’ use of checking credit reports to decide whether they will be higher risks or not, if a person shops around carefully enough using online tools, they will find that they are able to save enough on their premiums to offset that added cost.

Drivers with good credit ratings and great driving records can reap the most benefits of automobile insurance companies’ newly-found online presence. Some drivers have reported massive savings by switching from one insurance carrier to another. Even more promising is the notion that when drivers compare quotes from auto insurance companies online, they are able to call companies that have a higher premium but other benefits that they would like to have and talk them down to match a premium of a lower-priced insurance company. So far, there is only anecdotal evidence to support this claim and, of course, car insurance companies will never make it public that they are willing to bargain with their rates but enough drivers have reported success using this tactic to make it worth a try.

Use insurance companies’ online quote systems to your advantage and throw a wide net. However, don’t allow the price of the coverage to be the only factor in choosing an automobile insurance company, as there are other important benefits and criteria to take into consideration as well.