Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

  • Companies that are cheaper for your car insurance are not always cheaper for motorcycle insurance
  • There are things that you can do to ensure lower rates on motorcycle insurance
  • The type of motorcycle you drive can have a large impact on the amount that you pay
  • Comparing motorcycle rates online can net you a great deal of savings

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Every motorcycle on the road is required to have valid motorcycle insurance. Traditionally, motorcyclists would simply tack their motorcycle insurance on with their existing automobile insurance. While many still do this, sometimes the company that is most favorable to you for your car insurance is not so favorable to your for your motorcycle insurance. There are many companies that are much more favorable to two-wheeled vehicles than others so the best way to find out who is best is to compare them all.

Many people that search for motorcycle insurance find that if they have completed a motorcycle safety training course they can be entitled to a significant savings on their monthly premium. But that’s not the only way that they can save on their motorcycle insurance. Keep your motorcycle parked off the street and away from potential damage, keep your driving record clean, and consider a smaller displacement engine to keep your premiums lower. Older motorcycle riders are more apt to pay less than younger riders as well. Riders under the age of 25 are considered a much higher risk and will generally pay much more than older riders. Your location – city and state – and even the neighborhood that you live in will have a direct impact on the cost of your premiums.

When you compare rates for your motorcycle insurance your rate will be determined on those criteria plus several criteria regarding the motorcycle itself. The brand of motorcycle, the size of the engine, and the type of the motorcycle will all be assessed by the insurance companies. Sport bikes have lots of expensive plastic that surround the engines and are much more prone to be raced and thus involved in accidents so they are always higher than touring bikes. The number of miles you plan to drive your motorcycle weekly will also have an impact as well.

Take these indicators into consideration when you shop for your motorcycle insurance online, but keep in mind that shopping and comparing rates online can save you hundreds of dollars per year or more on motorcycle insurance. Insurance company rates are extremely competitive right now and there is no place that they are more competitive and willing to work with potential customers than online since they know that, more likely than not, you are comparing their rates with that of their competition. Add that to the fact that you are not going through an independent broker who takes their cut of your premiums for their hand in writing up the policy and you may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of money that you save.